EDISC is a behavioural profiling tool, MBTI is a personality profiling tool.

Personality profiling tools pigeon hole people and limit their performance impact.  Behavioural profiling tools show a client how to embrace the previously unknown and instantly improve performance impact.

For example, Bill’s personality profile shows that he can do big picture but struggles with detail.  In this case, when it comes to detail he will not take responsibility because his profile says he can’t.  However, if Bill had a behavioural profile with the same pattern, his report would show him how he can effectively go in to detail.

Generally, most personality profiling tools show you what you are.

Behavioural profiles show you how to specifically improve your performance.

In such a technologically based world, it certainly can be hard to discover your team’s true dynamics and to know exactly where to give your focus in order to excel. We can give you those answers with an Extended DISC Behavioural Assessment-



TTI Success Insights, specialising in a variety of assessment tools, gives their view on DISC vs MBTI below.


What does it take to be an expert in EDISC?


Sal is both certified and accredited in the use of Extended Disc and FinxS (the web application platform used for report generation, assessments, survey results and analysis).

Accreditation of Extended DISC allows in depth reading of profiles and a higher ability to obtain more subtle information regarding possible emotional issues.  A deeper understanding of reports can lead to open questions, dialogue and real insight as to issues arisen in the Behavioural Analysis Report. From this initial report, there are a number of options of how to hone in on the needs of your organisation, focusing on your own specific desired outcome.

Incorporating proven coaching and training techniques, this recipe is guaranteed to see positive changes in your environment.

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Extended Disc (EDISC) with Sal. Along with the kitchen, this is our tool of choice.

You’d know by now if you’ve read over our site that a personal belief of mine is that we each have a very unique and specific reason for being.

People are all too often clouded by external messages like comments and classifications, and internal ones like confidence (or lack of) and our own personal pre-programming – (this is what has formed the basis of our beliefs) – this can complicate one’s ability to find their uniqueness and to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

In particular, these contributing factors can challenge us when seeking direction.

Extended DISC unveils a person’s possibilities to develop in directions that were previously difficult to access. Without classifying people into good or bad, it provides the answers, illustrating a person’s natural behavioural style in different situations…. Equipping you with the right information and insight to answer those nagging questions and save time in the process.

There are many profiling tools available and likely many of you have heard of DISC… but what’s the difference between DISC & EDISC?

Read on OR contact us.. we’ll happily discuss, answer questions or provide more information around the power of this behavioural profiling tool.


‘EDISC vs DISC’ attachment here