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HOW DOES EDISC COMPARE TO MBTI (MYERS BRIGGS)? EDISC is a behavioural profiling tool, MBTI is a personality profiling tool. Personality profiling tools pigeon hole people and limit their performance impact.  Behavioural profiling tools show a client how to embrace the previously unknown and instantly improve performance impact. For example, Bill’s personality profile shows that […]


Extended Disc (EDISC) with Sal. Along with the kitchen, this is our tool of choice. You’d know by now if you’ve read over our site that a personal belief of mine is that we each have a very unique and specific reason for being. People are all too often clouded by external messages like comments […]

What ‘Food Porn’ Does to the Brain

Ant here. I really like this article. I’m a big believer in making food look appealing to get the senses flowing. In the workshop we touch on how we view food and how unique it is to each individual – just like learning. I love ‘really really’ pretty food but even some of my favourites […]