What could YOU do with a FULL 33 days?? -using EVERY hour in each day?

I’m sure you could think of a gazillion things!!


Withefficiency and focus, surely you could….

Transform your team from negativity to retaining positivity?

Create an entire sales funnel?

Win hearts and minds?

Create a training program?

Develop a motivated and inspired team?

Nut out a CLEAR long AND short term vision and cement the first steps towards it?


And with minimal effort…

Have an amaaazing holiday? (remote!)

Renovate your entire home?



Possibilities are endless of course.  But why 33 days?

Well, that’s the amount of time I would spend on my phone over a 365 day period – according to ‘Mr Screen Time’.


Crazy! That stat blew my mind! It hurts to think of and makes me cringe!


Think about that for a minute. That’s 33 days. 33 FULL days spent on my phone each year.

Morning, noon and night, non-stop.

Mortifying. (and I consider myself one of those ‘non-typical’ phone users… in fact I thought I was great at not letting my phone rule my life… Until I stared it in the face).


So, I feel you should too. No better time than now…

We do not need extra distractions at the moment… we need a reminder of how easilywe’re distracted – of how much time away from being productive, being present… actually moving forward, our phones can steal from us!


Grab out your phone.


Open up ‘settings’ and then ‘Screen Time’.

Write down the number of hours you spend on your phone each day.

Turn that into minutes

Multiply that number by 7 to get total number of minutes per week.

Next multiply that number by 52, this will give minutes per year spent on the phone.

Divide that number by 60 to see total of hours.

Lastly, divide that number by 24 so we can see how that translates into days.


Now look at it.


Take a look at that number.

How do you feel about that number?

A little stab in the heart?


Now more than ever, screen time will be higher… we have the potential to be ridiculously glued to our phones. And with many now working from home – under their own control and devices, your screen time number could likely sky-rocket!


So let’s take back some control here hey?

Is there something else, more efficient perhaps, that you could do with that time?


Yeah? well take action now.

I’ll help you with the first few steps:

  1. Find a place for your phone in your house – away from where you work. Keep it there and put it on silent while you’re working. If you need it near you, disable every app or unnecessary noise so that you will only be distracted by those that need you.
  2. Turn off all notifications, always- on your phone and computer. Choose your own timesthat you will reply to texts, interact on social media or check emails or the news.
  3. Avoid using your phone completely to check emails or do any kind of work on – separate these two as much as you can.


How you survive at home and what you accomplish in the next few months, will not only determine what goals you’ll achieve, it will also influence how you will come out at the other end – & dare I say stronger and wiser with a new level of appreciation for life would be most desirable.

I encourage you to be productive with your work time. When you’re on, you’re on. Remove distraction and choose your focus.

I also encourage you to schedule in down time. To relax, spend time with loved ones, commit to a new hobby, develop a new skill.

When you take the time to have fun, you renew your energy, increase connection and can get back to your projects with greater vigour and enthusiasm to tackle challenges and be more creative and productive.


It’s fair to say that there will be a lot of ‘extra time’ for many people now.


Is there a chance that you could be more productive, more focused and less distracted with your time?

Is there a chance that with increased efficiency and awareness you could create time to enjoy life in a way that you haven’t done in a long time or often dream of doing?

Is it possible that with this time you can create a new outlook and thus different or extra positive results?


I know I need lightness and humour to thrive. I’m going to schedule time each day to deeply play with my kids… bring out my own inner child, roll around and laugh, release some pent up energy perhaps, let down all walls, be 100% myself…. there’s a heap of benefits to that kind of release.


How will you fill the gap?


#fillthegap #staycalm

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