As it so often goes, staff can get stuck in the mundane, day to day task list.

They turn up to work, do their job – ticking off their accomplishments but get too bogged down to reach that ‘once upon a time’ level of high excitement, motivation… and more importantly innovation.

Chances are they’re stuck in a cycle, they – and you- are not sure how to communicate effectively at the moment.

..And you, as the leader have ‘tried everything’ to reinspire and motivate.

Tried ‘everything on each of them’.

I wonder though, have you looked at each of your team members individual challenges?

Or do you try the same technique for each one? You may even try what you know works for you?


Creating different results, requires different thinking.

It’s time to try something new.

Looking at each team members own unique self and isolating their personal challenges will provide answers on how to reignite their spark… and your bottom line.


Here are four types of problems that you’ll likely notice, with solutions that will transform and redefine your culture –


  1. Problem– LOSS OF FOCUS – Forgetting the roles and forgetting the goals leads to making small mistakes. This person will often create their own little informal groups.

Solution– Focus on the big picture, maintaining a positive attitude. Take the time to chat and talk, helping to achieve recognition. Avoid too many details.


  1. ProblemBOREDOM – Doesn’t stay in area of responsibility, seeking out new challenges (often not received). This team member becomes bored and uninterested in team work.

Solution– Act quickly with this person, focusing on the issues and providing direct answers.  Show interest and offer alternatives.  Enjoy the battle – they will! Avoid too much information and don’t take issues personally.


  1. ProblemBOGGED DOWN – Some can become so overly cautious that they are bogged down in the details and thus resist responsibility.

Solution– Listen carefully and find out what the key issues are with this person. Be thorough and provide factual responses. Avoid small talk and applying pressure.  Don’t expect decisions right away.


  1. ProblemRESISTS CHANGE – This can happen to many, but a good percentage will adjust in reasonable time. This team member will resist even the simplest of new procedures and become protective of their team. They are at a stand-still, full of opinion with no initiation.

Solution– Building trust is key here. Remember fairness and justice and provide support. Keep conversation slow and ask specific questions to find out their true needs. Avoid domination and unreliability.



Push through being stuck with a bit of patience and focus.

Progress is now inevitable, whilst you build trust and certainty within your organisation.


What other techniques have you found that work? Share the results below!

For more information on how to overcome your team’s challenges, download or free resource on www.theresaliantcemethod.com.au or get in touch via email or phone, now!

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